Difference between hazard and disaster

Hazard A hazard is a dangerous event, incident, consequence, occurrence or agent which has possibility to cause harm, damage and threat to life, property, infrastructure and environment. Those elements of the physical environment, harmful to man and caused by forces extraneous to him. (Burton et al 1978) A source of potential harm or a situation… read more »


Flood is a temporary covering by water of land which is not normally covered by water. This shall include floods from rivers, mountain torrents, Mediterranean ephemeral water courses, and floods from the sea in coastal areas, and may exclude floods from sewerage systems. In shortly we can define flood as an abnormal progressive rise in… read more »


The word landslide is mixture of two American English word land + slide in 1841. Before that was landslip (1670s), which is preferred in Britain. The usually downward movement of a mass of rock, debris, earth or artificial fill on slop downs the slope. The term “landslide” is used as when soil, rock and vegetation… read more »