Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP)

Bangladesh is also one of the country’s most at risk from the projected impacts of climate change. Reflecting global consensus and concerns of many development partners, it is clear that the increased frequency and severity of climatic events, such as flooding, cyclones and drought, will likely have a devastating impact on lives and livelihoods. Climate change adaptation is intrinsically interrelated with, and dependent on, disaster risk reduction. These changes demand new approaches, and in recent years, Bangladesh has been working through a paradigm shift in disaster management, from relief to risk reduction, supported by CDMP. CDMP Phase is a continuation of this highly successful phase, which laid the foundations for institutionalizing risk reduction approaches and frameworks through pilot testing. It aims to institutionalize the adoption of risk reduction approaches across Government, not just in its host Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, but more broadly throughout other key ministries and their line agencies. It will engage with partners beyond the government by channeling support to NGOs and academic institutions. By strengthening the capacity of the national disaster management system in Bangladesh.

How CDMP works

  • Institution Strengthening in Risk Reduction, well-managed and professional disaster management institutions in Bangladesh.
  • Managing Adaptation to Climate Risks, through Effective management of community-level adaptation to a changing climate.
  • Disaster-proofing of Development Funding.
  • Rural Risk Reduction, aimed at reducing the risks of rural populations through structural and non-structural interventions, empowerment of communities, and improved awareness and planning.
  • Urban Risk Reduction, focused on reducing the risks of urban populations through structural and non-structural interventions, improved awareness.
  • Improving Disaster Preparedness and Response, through strengthening early warning systems, national management capacity, and coordination.


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