Objectives of Disaster Management

Basically the main objective of disaster management is to reduce the damage. However, there are several objectives are integrated with it. Those are-

  1. Identifying the hazard and its cause.
  2. Reducing vulnerability and potential losses of hazard.
  3. Assessing, reviewing and controlling the risk.
  4. Applying efficient, effective, sustainable relief (food, shelter and money), medical and other facilities in disaster affected people thus they can survive.
  5. Reducing the damage, death, sufferings and destruction of any natural and human induced disaster.
  6. Giving protection to victims.
  7. Increasing the strength among people to survive against disasters.
  8. Building up capacity in every sector like- individual, social, economic, environmental, regional, national and international.
  9. Ensuring the availability of local emergency equipment and transportation.
  10. Achieving quick recovery from disaster.
  11. Long-term planning for particular disaster to reduce its risk.
  12. Shifting exposure from vulnerable area into safe place.
  13. Ensuring safety, equity, equality to all organisms specially human beings.
  14. Increasing the availability, safety of natural resources.
  15. Creating awareness about disaster and its mitigation process among people.
  16. Giving warning before disaster thus people can be prepared and safe from that.
  17. To provide the
  18. Conservation of environment.