Adaptation Approaches

Adaptation is the action or process of adapting or being adapted. Adaptation is a process to cope with the changing environment. It is the adjustment in natural or human system in the response to actual or expected climate stimuli or their effects with moderator’s harm or exploits beneficial opportunities. Adaptation is the action or process… read more »

Mitigation Approaches

Mitigation means reducing risk of loss from the occurrence of any undesirable event. In other words, mitigation is the elimination or reduction of the frequency, magnitude, or severity of exposure to risks, or minimization of the potential impact of a threat or warning. Mitigation describes any type of action that is used to reduce the… read more »

Prevention Approaches

Prevention is that action that stops something from happening or arising. Prevention is an action or a set of actions designed to stop something before it actually happens. We all take preventive action ever day: we wear seat belts to save ourselves from death or serious injury in car accidents, we built our house in… read more »